Sound Experimentation Leads To New Experiences

If you have read any of the audio engineering latest literature on the used of sound in audio engineering, you would be surprised at just how far things have come. For example, about five years ago, there was an attempt by Amazon and its Alexa to work with some automakers to enable verbal commands, enabled through the sound app.  Audio User Experiences  Today, a wide range of companies is using Alexa to create an audio user experience. The companies range from consumer goods to digital hotel search apps like Kayak to sports teams and even TV shows. They have all jumped on board the Alexa bandwagon as Amazon and Alexa are creating a unique user experience. And, while Alexa is impactful, other applications – Google Assistant and Apple – are working on their own to fill the gap.  Earcons  Called the sound version of popular apps, they are quickly replacing traditional sonic videos. The earcon apps, such as the tool used by Google, is being leveraged into more and more app tools. Interestingly, Google isn’t the only search engine leveraging its sound tool, so is Google’s Siri, while Apple and Facebook are also pushing their versions of this app.  3D Audio  Though this might sound more like a CD app, it isn’t. Instead, the sound is 3D audio that is also using the names binaudio, ambisonic, and spatial surround 3D. Quite frankly, these audio engines are now pushing users into the 360-degree real-world sound experience. Publications from Vogue to film networks like AMC, as well as GE, are using it and creating immersive user experiences. Indeed, the first user-engaged sound workstations are now working on this problem. Interactive Sound  During the last decade, the interactive audio market has become the norm. However, there have been no interactive audio experiments. This is quickly changing as computerization has allowed the creation of mashups that feature things like “bite-sized M+Ms,” while also allowing singer Jesse J. to make sure smooth audios are available. Indeed, by the time this effort is complete, you will find vehicles ranging from the candy firm mentioned (Mars Company) the singer Jesse J and FedX, are capable of placing their sound and personalized message into a personalized story. This is simply more audio experimentation as it works to create a more user-oriented mix. This mix is combined with experimental sound to create a new paradigm in immersive audio installations. Using air vapor max technology, it generates unique soundscapes based on a user shell. The Car Brands are getting heavily into this technology as well. Whatever way you look at it, there is a real revolution going on in immersive-style sound technology so that you can combine more standard issues such as sound with the more esoteric issues now being experimented with so that you have things reminiscent of 360-degree feel combined with a more standard interactive audio so that you have an entirely new experience. Commercial users like FedX or the Mars Company watch their sample markets buy the new products that they are putting out. It is the beginning of a new era in interactive and immersive.